New Janitorial Battles Ahead

See this heading as a metaphor for the lives that many janitors may have led up to now. Over the years, many of them would have served your country well in the armed services at some point of their lives. The occupational hazard is that it could lead to mental traumas from which many men (and women) have failed to recover. The more fortunate amongst them are always able to go in for clinical psychotherapy.

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And carry on with their lives, practicing their rewarding careers and raising families. Previously, the less fortunate would have had to settle for more menial jobs, destined to spend the rest of their lives cleaning up other people’s mess. In that sense, you could just say that they were still serving their nation well. Over the years, much has changed, and today many more ex-servicemen and school leavers are able to join the ranks of janitors.

In some places, the work they do is even unionised. Today, these decent men and women are practicing professionals, some even going on to run their own businesses. The janitorial services seattle network could be indicative of a franchise movement. There are many more similar networks around the country. While many of them may have engaged in battles before, today they are facing a new battle.

They and their employers have responded bravely to the ongoing threats posed by the global pandemic otherwise known as COVID-19. Janitorial service contracts have quickly responded by including a detailed checklist to help counter the threat of the virus and prevent it from spreading any further. Productive men and women are now able to return to work safe in the knowledge that their work and office environments are being secured as far as possible.