When Tooth Has To Come Out In Emergency

There will always be those emergency cases. Accidents do happen; as they say. Its something that just cannot be helped. And the moment that happens, there’s simply no delay in booking the necessary emergency tooth extraction port st lucie appointment. But there are also those cases where folks are simply none the wiser. And when it comes, they never saw it coming. It had been building up.

Let’s examine the accident cases for a moment before delving into the unexpected cases that were not previously foreseen. The most talked about accident is that of the sports field incident. It would have to be during a contact sport like football or hockey. It could also be on the basketball court. There is the accidental or deliberate collision, in which case the tooth or teeth is given such a hard knock that it comes loose, if not dropping out altogether.

Automobile accidents unfortunately remain quite common. The collisions are usually quite severe and if injuries are to the head and face, there is bound to be bleeding. This must be stopped.

But there are also cases of grievous intent to do bodily harm. This would usually come about when the assailant chooses to use his bare hands, forcing a blow to the jaw.

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The gradual build-up of tooth decay can be quite deceptive. This may be so where the patient has been a model example of how best to take care of the teeth and gums. He is one who brushes and flosses his teeth and gums at least three times a day. And he is also in the habit of visiting the dentist at least twice a year. But he is also getting on in years. In which case age-related tooth decay becomes inevitable.